Private residence in Podushkino village

Within the framework of this project, the task was to place a complex of several buildings in a rather narrow and elongated area, taking into account the staged construction approach.

The stage-by-stage approach implied a gradual erection and commissioning, which did not allow the construction of objects as a single building. These conditions did not allow designing each object as a self-sufficient element. As a result, the architects developed the optimal solution, in which all three objects were initially built as separate constructions, but as construction work was completed, they were gradually united by open terraces, covered passages, becoming an integral building complex.

The volumetric complexity that arose because of the initial technical features of each object is balanced by the minimalism of forms and the rich textures of the materials used. Architects proposed the use of slate, brick and wood. In addition to emphasizing the house itself, the importance of the landscape as a background was also emphasized. Whether it is snowy winter, warm summer or rainy autumn, the landscape becomes the very environment where the complex multi-level house looks organically and does not look special among other buildings.


Location Moscow region, Podushkino village
Square 750 m²
Year 2016
Status Built