Individual house

We won the Open All-Russian competition for the development of standard projects using wooden load-bearing building structures in the nomination 1.1 «Individual residential house of industrial production with a total area of no more than 150 sq. m. m using wooden load-bearing building structures».
Our project is a prefabricated house with a unique design from the author’s SWIDOM line. The well-thought-out layout allows you to effectively use small areas, while ensuring a comfortable stay in the house.
Since the carrier is a frame made of glued beams, the layout inside the house is flexible and can change. The house includes the space of the 1st floor and a spacious mezzanine above the technical area of the house, which can be used as a sleeping area or play areas. The total area of the house is 139.3 m2.
The residential building has a large glazing area and a skylight in the roof, which significantly increases the amount of natural light in the interior, and also allows you to enjoy the views of nature. The peculiarity of the houses is also that the glazing of the main facade, usually facing the road, is minimized, which allows you to create a comfortable visual barrier between neighbors and residents of the house.
Organizer of the contest: HOUSE of the Russian Federation, operator of the competition: Lab Center

Location Moscow region
Square 139.3 m²
Year 2021