A&A House

The land parcel has a north side vehicle access — from the village inner road. From the east, south and west it borders on neighboring land parcels. When designing the house, the task was to hide the main part of the site and turn it into a private zone, so the house stretched along the red line of the street, fencing off the land parcel with its facade and while opening the view to the inside of the parcel through the floor-to-ceiling glazing, creating the secrecy and atmosphere of a comfortable private area.

The house is designed as a hospitable space for one family who love cooking for themselves and the loved ones. In this regard, it was provided for the placement of two kitchen areas on the ground floor: an inner kitchen — for family cooking, and a guest kitchen — for meetings with friends, joint dinners and holidays.

The house has a large entrance group. In the courtyard, the house is surrounded by a large terrace. An interesting living environment is formed through the integration of two-level spaces and rooms with two tiers of windows. On the ground floor, in addition to the kitchens, there are also a living room, a bedroom, a children’s room, a study, a guest bedroom, as well as bathrooms and utility rooms.

Above service areas, utility rooms, as well as living rooms, a free space is used to create the second floor. This allows for optimal using of all areas of the house. On the second floor, there is a study and a common area. All bedrooms in the house are separated, have a sufficient internal glazing for good insolation.

The architectural solution is designed in a modern style. The building has a laconic form and shape, functioning both outside and in the interior of the house. The decoration uses slate, wood in combination with large stained-glass windows.

Location Moscow region
Square 250 m²
Year 2016