The concept is based on a well-thought-out town-planning object placement policy on the site. In this case, such houses are always placed with a view to the forest, the natural massif or facing south.

The advantage of SWIDOM is that it constructs prefabricated houses using modular technology with a unique design. Houses belong to the category «HOUSES with room TO GROW», that is, the technology allows the transformation of the house, depending on the needs of the owner.

The SWIDOM construct is based on a wooden frame filled with panels or glass. Spacious mezzanines are provided over the service area of ​​the house, which can be used as a bedroom area.

The building components are prefabricated and delivered to the site as a HOUSE KIT with assembly documentation and tools. Everything is delivered in a container, which at the stage of erection serves as a workers’ locker room, and subsequently can remain on the site as a household unit.

SWIDOM — houses with a small area and a smart zoning, where every centimeter is functionally meaningful.