This is a family country house from a series of author’s modular prefabricated houses SWIDOM. The advantage of SWIDOM is a modular technology with a unique design.
The SWIDOM concept is based on a well-thought-out urban planning policy of placement on the site. In this case, houses are always obtained with a VIEW of the forest, natural area or to the south. The philosophy of SWIDOM houses is functional solutions, thoughtful layouts for small and medium-sized houses, where every centimeter «works» to create and support the «quiet» happiness of residents.
The foundation is on stilts, the frame of the house is made of glued beams, the exterior facade is finished with slats and profiled sheet, the roof is covered with a matte profiled sheet. Additionally, wind protection is installed.
Glued timber with special «saws», so that the parts are tightly docked with each other, like Lego parts – thus a stable structure is obtained. For the full functioning of the house in the cold season, a warm contour and environmental insulation are provided. Craft paper, isoplat, linen are used as insulation materials.
The house has a large percentage of glazing, frames are not needed for windows, double-glazed windows are easy to install and easy to operate.
The terrace of the house is made of wood, large frameless windows contribute to good natural light and create an atmosphere of «lightness» in the house.
The area of the first floor is 60.6 sq m, there is a living room, a kitchen, a technical room and a bathroom. On the second floor (area 37.8 sq m) – bedrooms for adults and children.