The face of renovation

Our concept for site № 29 is among the winners of the international competition for the development of architectural solutions concepts of buildings under the program of housing stock renovation in Moscow. The territory is huge — the total building area is 1,898.82 thousand square meters. We have thoroughly studied the history of the lot’s districts, conducted field surveys, familiarized ourselves with the features of the territory and the environment. So in blocks 2,4 of Ochakovo-Matveevsky, red brick buildings stand out among the existing buildings. The pattern of brickwork was reflected in the design code of the future development, thus preserving continuity with the historical heritage of the district. Details such as brickwork, cornices, ornaments, rounded windows, «crackers» from the previous building can be delicately integrated and interpreted in new construction.
There are many green areas in blocks 124, 125, 126 Fili-Davydkovo. They decided to beat this close, neighborly connection with nature in the color of the facades – this is how the dominant copper tower appears, which resembles a sunny autumn forest. Residential buildings are lower in number of storeys than the tower, which allows you to preserve the human scale and avoid crowding.
The representative facades of the towers face the street, they have a complex pattern, they attract attention. Stylobate houses, at first glance, have a fairly simple facade, but when illuminated, it becomes more interesting, more elegant, you want to look at it and notice the details. «Simple on the outside, complex on the inside,» is how this technique can be characterized.