School for 11 grades

The project of the school for 11 grades for the nomination 4.1 of the Open Russian competition for the development of standard projects using wooden load-bearing building structures.
The construction is based on a wooden frame with panels or glass filling. The peculiarity of the project is the use of roofing and wall sandwich panels, which allow you to quickly and effectively close the warm contour of the entire building. The school consists of 4 modules, including: classrooms, a library, a gym and a dining room, an assembly hall with a central space, an amphitheater. The school has a large glazing area and a skylight in the roof, which increases the amount of natural light. Each module has two-light spaces (these are classrooms, recreation, gym and dining room) with access to the roof of the stylobate. Classrooms have opening glass partitions that allow you to adapt the space for educational or leisure tasks. The central area with an amphitheater is a common space, but it can be closed and events and concerts can be held.

Year 2021
Status Concept