Gorky Central Park in Krasnoyarsk

In the Open international competition for the development of the concept for the development of Gorky Central Park in Krasnoyarsk, the consortium MAP + LDA + Sarner won.
Krasnoyarsk has always been and remains the heart of Siberia. Not only as an industrial and financial center, but also as a unique place of intersection and interaction of different habitats, cultures and landscapes.
Gorky Central Park is more than just a green square in the city center. This is a visiting card of the entire Krasnoyarsk Territory, focused on a small area. It can become an exemplary public space, organically combining and combining historical heritage and modernity, a park for all residents of the city and a heritage for future generations of Krasnoyarsk residents.
The project is based on four “pillars”: Heritage, Culture, Health and Active Lifestyle. We carefully approached the historical heritage of the park, thought out scenarios for all-season use, a calendar of events and characteristic zones, taking into account age groups and activities.
In the park, we have identified characteristic zones, each of which has interesting objects. In our concept, we proposed three new venues for events, an active route around the Children’s Railway, a water sports complex with the Soaring Gardens of the Yenisei restaurant, the Stolby and Berloga children’s sports grounds, a market, a soaring bridge, a media center, a view tower «Gorka». The tower is not only an important spatial landmark, a new vertical dominant, but also a monument to the inhabitants of the city. In winter, it can be additionally decorated as a Christmas tree and used not only as an observation deck, but also as a slide.
The parks were traditionally created as recreation areas for people to admire the green hilly gardens and tree-lined avenues. In Gorky Central Park, in addition to greenery, there are magnificent buildings from which a beautiful view of the park opens. The Krasnoyarsk Territory has attracted people for centuries thanks to the generous natural resources given to people in these regions, which in turn contributed to the development of various industries and trades. Our concept of Gorky Central Park aims to revive the cultural heritage and educate Krasnoyarsk residents with an excellent park built on the history, identity and strength of local people.

Location Krasnoyarsk
Square 15 ha
Year 2020
Status Concept
Client RUSAL Social Programs Center