School of Future in Kaliningrad

As part of the competition for the best architectural design sketch for the School of Future in Kaliningrad, the architects of the bureau took an unusual path. The basis for the design of the school’s layout was a cellular structure model and a specific function has been assigned to each element. They were connected in the central unit. A convenient school can exist in such a form — with great compactness, while granting enough personal space for each pupil — as a kind of conglomerate of human and information intension with a large number of social connections.

This principle is expressed in the school design both in the layout and in new types of classrooms — with the possibility of transformation, as well as interconnection for the possibility of conducting joint classes for a larger audience. Moreover, all classrooms have insolation  sufficient locations. The school layout provides for delimitation of traffic flows of primary school students and high school students.

To facilitate navigation around the school, each specific block is assigned its own color in the wall decoration: arts and crafts zone — blue, chemistry — lime, physics — purple, biology — green, etc. Such a solution was proposed for the better development of visual-figurative thinking in children and effective navigation around the school grounds.

The main construction material is reinforced concrete. Exterior decoration uses a suspended facade system with wood finishing, giving pupils a sense of security and comfort.

Location Kaliningrad
Year 2010