SPA building

The SPA center in the SUN&VODA leisure and health complex is a two-storey building with a vast landscaped area and an outdoor swimming pool. The center is the core of the health complex and its architectural dominant. This is facilitated by a bright and recognizable image: a cantilever, slightly overhanging boundary of the object, a contrasting combination of blank surfaces and panoramic windows, high-quality construction and finishing materials.

The center provides a spacious lobby, changing rooms, showers, rooms for spa-procedures, a bathhouse, a hammam, a salt room, a massage room, a children’s area and administration rooms. Despite the relatively difficult structure for a small building, the functional zoning of the room is thought out in detail and designed with consideration to the requests and wishes of visitors.

A distinctive feature of the project is a non-trivial approach to the main premises of the center: steam rooms with panoramic windows with a view to the pond, a spacious children’s area with a theme town and a view to the swimming pool, as well as a multi-level benched space in front of the pool, allowing visitors to comfortably spend time both in a small company and a large group.

Location Yekaterinburg
Square 500 m²
Year 2017
Status Built