Conceptual design of the pavilion in the development structure of Izmaylovo Kremlin’s territory

The pavilion consists of two parts — a covered warm part and a cold area under a weather shelter. The area is terraced. The cold part of the building under a weather shelter is located on four terraces of different levels. The warm part of the pavilion is located on the fourth — the lowest terrace. The covered pavilion is equipped with three visitor entrances and one service entrance.

In the open part of the pavilion there are structures for the exposition of exhibition items. If necessary, they can be removed and a film screening or any other leisure event may be conducted requiring free space independent from weather conditions.

In the closed part of the pavilion, the arrangement of exhibition points is provided. Thus, a mezzanine level with a recreation area for visitors of the exhibition space was designed. At the first level of the warm zone of the pavilion, in addition to the exhibition points, there are administrative premises, WC for staff and visitors and a warehouse area.

Location Moscow
Square 1480 m²
Year 2016
Status Concept