Conceptual design of the Year-Round Youth Center ANGAR

Facade – “cold”, integrated into the surrounding space to the maximum extent practicable. It serves as a reliable shell, a shelter from harsh environmental conditions, creates a sense of security for visitors. The facade consists of two layers: internal – heat insulation and finishing (sandwich panel and non-combustible mineral wool filler), external — metal mesh (perforation), visually combining the existing block of the building with the architectural lighting.

Coloring and facade materials — metal. Mainly white, with slight color accents. Just like the nature of Chukotka, in the short summer time the facade «opens up», increasing the effect of translucent surfaces. This is achieved by restoring the functionality of the blocked gate openings, in which double doors will be mounted. Internal gate — a warm light-transmitting stained-glass window with opening doors. External — sliding metal blinds that protect the glass from gusty winds and provide an additional heat insulation loop, especially when additional light is not needed (polar night).

The entrance group of warm colors acts as a “lighthouse”, a bright marker of a warning color (a shade of fiery red), clearly distinguishable in foggy or snowy weather. It evokes associations with fire, warmth, a sense of security.

The architects propose the maximum use of the internal area of ​​the building. On the ground floor there is an open space, where various events (event area) may be held, or it may be used as a zone for networking, work. There is also an amphitheater with a media screen, a cafe, a city farm, a living wall, and a meeting room on the ground floor.

The second floor is a mezzanine (also used as an additional workspace), a video studio, a radio studio, a photo studio, a craft workshop and multifunctional.

Location Chukotka Autonomous Region, Anadyr
Square 1287.6 m²
Year 2019
Status Concept
Client Non-profit organization "Youth Support Fund"