Linear park in Scandinavia residential complex

The territory of the park is located in the area structure of the Scandinavia residential district under construction in the settlement of Sosenskoye, located in the structure of Kommunarka settlement in New Moscow.

The objective of the project was landscaping of an elongated area along the Varvarka River, as well as yards adjacent to this area. Due to the complex configuration of the site, which is a ravine with perennial trees and shrubs, the project provides a through route in the form of a wooden path on piles, the creation of which does not require a change of landform. The path connects the elements of the park — an amphitheater with a stage, recreation areas, an entrance group with an observation tower, a natural playground, a youth recreation area, a playground with a slope, a bridge with a recreation area.

For the creation of pedestrian paths, it was proposed to use paving slabs of monochrome white, gray and dark gray colors of different sizes. For tile laying, a complex ornament was developed using the Grasshopper program.

Bicycle paths are designed considering pedestrian navigation, i.e. do not intersect with the main routes of their movement. Thus, cyclists will not run into pedestrians and push them. Complex routes have been developed for cyclists: not only smooth paths, but also an active terrain, which makes the trip not just a routine activity, but also a pleasant adventure. The route doesn’t «jump», as if moving on a very rough surface (in a forest or a nature park), but becomes an exciting and comfortable trip.

The water object is designed heterogeneous — there are two dams in the park, fragments of a stream with waste water treatment plants, a “dangerous” bridge made of stones, and boulders decoration. Thus, along the walking route the creek changes its «character» and becomes the hallmark of the area.