Architectural and urban development concept of the territory near the Irtysh River

An interesting residential development project in Omsk from the MAP+ LDA Design consortium. The new district will be an example of how thoughtful architectural solutions affect the environment and increase the attractiveness of the city.The site is located north of the city center, it has a good neighborhood with one of the main transport arteries. In addition to the strategically important location of the site, there is a rich green landscape and a beautiful panorama. In the south, the river bank adjoins the site, in the east — a forest area, and in the north — a university park with fields. The construction will be carried out in two stages. For the master plan of the site, two options were developed:
• river quarters
• coastal park
River quarters — the territory is organized with two rows of residential buildings framing the central park. At the same time, the pedestrian route combines all the components of the site and provides an extended public space.
The Coastal Park has a flexible, adaptive planning solution. We wanted to preserve the possibility of uniting the two territories, while making them sufficiently autonomous and developed. The green landscape is preserved as much as possible, the number of architectural forms and typologies, unique spatial solutions is increasing.

Location Omsk
Year 2021