Design project of children’s culture and leisure Park in Ozyorsk

The bureau was faced with the task of making an improvement conceptual design for the culture and leisure Park in Ozyorsk, located in the city center, at Parkovaya Street 1, p. 2, between Lenina and Pobedy avenues. The park has a great historical heritage: it was opened in the fall of 1950 and became the main leisure place for local citizens, most of whom were engaged in industrial production.

It was necessary to study and rethink the design of the park’s territory, to make it functional, modern, with a focus on children. The aim of the project was to create an open, proper for children, friendly, interactive space, which will certainly become “own” for and loved by the local children. This can be achieved if each object of the park becomes accessible and attractive for every child.

The main concept is being designed in full accordance with the park’s uniqueness and its size proportionality to children. The main structure-forming elements of the park — playgrounds and a children’s trail — are made in a size adequate for children, so that the children can explore the environment with maximum efficiency. A children’s trail is a route with a complex trajectory and a rich combination of constituent elements in the form of flat sections, ascents — descents and platforms. The trail connects the main sections of the territory: the panda park, the city of professions, the mini-city, the central square and local activity and recreation areas. It runs parallel to the main footpaths that adults can follow while keeping children in sight and providing the child with the necessary degree of independence while exploring the park.

The project provides for the delimitation of traffic flows in accordance with the visitors’ intents. In addition to the main element — the children’s trail, it also includes dedicated routes for cyclists, trails for unhurried walks in the park, and paths for the transit of people through the park. There are areas for mass active events, sites for quiet leisure, cafes and self-service vending machines.

Location Ozyorsk
Square 3000 m²
Year 2016
Status Concept