Ice arena in Ozyorsk

The stadium has a simple geometric design, due to which it organically fits into the environment. Formation of the arena features four sections of parabolic shape. Sections at the bottom of the building are necessary to emphasize the entrance groups, slices at the top of the building are designed to reduce the volume of non-operational areas of the complex.

The outer “cut out” surface of the cylinder forms a facade that recedes from the structural wall of the stadium. To give the facade greater expressiveness, the outer shell is divided into panels of the same size. Each front panel has a curvature degree, which makes it possible to control the visibility through it, depending on weather conditions.

The territory allocated for the design is zoned in such a way as to take into consideration the needs of various user groups. The areas adjacent to the arena bordering the road are reserved for parking spaces. This will provide maximum comfort for those who use the training areas of the building and greatly facilitate navigation during mass sports events.

Location Ozyorsk
Square 5600 m²
Year 2017
Status Concept