Happy Village

Happy Village is located in Kazakhstan, 7 kilometers from Astana, which provides it with high transport accessibility. The plot is located in a steppe zone and is densely surrounded by forest. Architects made a schematic design of the village, within which the site was functionally divided into 7 areas:

  • entrance zone
  • «amusement town» (sports, leisure zones, restaurant, children’s center, bath complex, spa, theme park)
  • large park recreation zone (park area, pond, which becomes a skating rink in winter)
  • business and luxury class houses
  • premium houses
  • golf club
  • premises for employees

To reveal the environmental potential of the territory, it was proposed to use energy-saving technologies (geothermal heat pumps, solar panels, wind generators, rainwater harvesting). The arrangement and facades of the houses also support the environmental commitment of the village: wood, travertine, brick, stone are used in the finishing design of the houses. For the recreational area, walking routes, territory improvement and landscaping elements have been designed.


Location Kazakhstan
Square 153.330 m²
Year 2014
Status Concept