In those projects where economics and quality are the key factors, the optimal solution is the work with simple forms and textured materials. Duplex projects are not common in Russia, townhouses and private houses are much more popular. Duplexes are designed for two families and can have individual entrances. Residents have a common sidewall — in fact, these are two cottages under one roof with a single facade and utilities, but a different internal structure. Duplexes are a real estate format that is highly popular in Europe, the USA and Canada.

For the customer, the bureau proposed duplexes, which consist of two apartments, have separate entrances and a front garden area. So, we have three sections — two residential areas and a joint rest area. The buildings are designed in a single architectural style, have large panoramic windows and a textured facade. When replicating duplexes, the diversity of houses can be achieved using interesting materials while decorating the facades — clinker, copper, painted metal, travertine and wood.

Shrubs and trees used in landscaping also solve a major problem with dense development – window-to-window view and the lack of a private zone.

Location Moscow region, Krasnogorsk district
Square 330 m²
Year 2015
Status Concept
Client Elena Lavrina