Greenhouse hall «Garden» for a restaurant complex in Astana

A project for the restaurant complex «Traditional» located in the city of Astana. It was necessary to increase the number of seats and create a spacious venue for banquets, events and celebrations. Architects proposed a greenhouse hall concept with the romantic name «Garden».

The designed building is one-storey, with a mezzanine, the maximal elevation mark is 17 meters, on the south side there is a connection with the existing building of the complex, from the east the adjoining to the building of the complex is carried out through the fire wall.

According to the architects, the new hall is “fitted” between the existing blocks of the restaurant. The construct plays a decisive role in the interior and exterior of the restaurant: decorative beams are imaging tree trunks and evoke associations with nature and beauty.

Location Astana
Square 900 m²
Year 2013
Status Concept