Koltsovo Creative Village

Before the work commencement on this territory, several design solutions for the settlement planning have already been developed. Archstoyanie is a popular festival attended by tens of thousands of people. The event takes place on the territory of the Nikola-Lenivets art park, which includes the villages of Koltsovo, Zvizji and Nikola-Lenivets. In addition, various thematic events and installations are held here. The most pressing issue for this place is the accommodation of visitors during events.

An idea was developed according to which a person can build a house on the territory and transfer the managing functions of this house to a property management company, while receiving constant passive rental income.

The bureau has designed and developed a series of houses, the distinguishing feature of which is the view over forest, field, river, which provides guests with a pleasant outlook over nature. The houses are compactly grouped at the end of blind alleys and placed relative to each other at a certain angle, which allows to preserve privacy and exclude a «window to window» view. From this series prototypes a line of modular, quickly erected “SWIDOM” houses was born, optimally suited for the formation of tourist clusters and placement in the natural environment.

Location Koltsovo village, Kaluga Region
Square 12 ha
Year 2016