Renovation concept for Plant “Crystal”

The bureau faced an interesting task — conceptual design development for the renovation of the industrial territory of the former “Crystal” distillery.

The bureau’s main idea of ​​the industrial sector was to maximize the preservation of the territory’s identity. This implies an increase in its recognition and creating an associative image, revealing of historically formed relations between the plant and the district, as well as a modern interpretation of industrial heritage.

Work on the project consisted of three stages. This made it possible to study the facility better and offer optimal renovation solutions.

The first stage was the elimination of factors that currently impede the territory’s functionality: weak environment connections, poor transport accessibility, and the absence of a clearly formed territory improvement program.

The second stage was the search, preservation and identification of artifacts and unique phenomena that formed this area’s identity. As part of this stage, solutions were proposed for the renovation of the remaining industrial structures, the integration of engineering systems in the landscape of the territory, the creation of a new urban industry aimed not at mass production, but at individual orders.

The third stage was to enrich the territory with new meanings and elements: a multi-scale residential environment, exhibition spaces, modern creative workshops, coworking workshops and street trading centers. Activation of new transport links and their structuring will also contribute to the transformation and increase the attractiveness of area.