Housing complex area development concept

Initially, a development project has been developed for this area, which was a building estate consisting of 17-storey prefabricated residential buildings. The client’s goal was to search for alternative solutions that were distinguished by aesthetic appeal and functional diversity, while maintaining optimal economic performance. In order to find a solution, the client invited several project teams.

Our solution was to optimize the height and development density for this site. The overall height was lowered to 5-9 floors. The overall density has been increased, but differentially throughout the area and not uniformly: the central parts of the area are denser; the peripheral ones are more spacious, dissolving in the environment. Visual expressiveness has been additionally achieved by a combination of the developed standard sections (11 units), which differ in size and height, the ratio of residential and public areas.

Location Moscow region
Square 45 ha
Year 2013
Status Concept