Embankments development conceptual design for the Kaban Lakes

As part of the competition, the project consortia had the task of maximizing the full potential of the territory of the Kaban Lakes system embankment. Besides the location in the urban environment, the lake system has a rather large area of ​​25 hectares.

A consortium of the Russian company MAParchitects and the Chinese bureau Turenscape developed a long-term strategy for the development of the territory, indicating key implementation dates and the assessment criteria for goals achievement. The project’s emphasis was placed on the environmental, cultural and transport components.

As part of the cultural component, an event program of the territory was developed that takes into account the seasonality of functioning, the lifestyle of local residents and the calendar of memorable dates and events. In addition to traditional means, technological solutions were proposed for filling the territory with augmented reality tools.

As part of the transport component, the traffic system was redesigned both within the territory and in its surroundings.

As part of the environmental component, a unified eco-energy system was designed to launch the process of natural self-restoration of lakes. In addition to the development of technological cleaning systems, the project focuses on creating conditions for familiarizing residents of the city with an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

Among the proposals that go beyond the scope of the competition process, it is worth noting the proposals for the renovation of industrial areas, the improvement of natural territories in the immediate vicinity of the Kaban Lakes, and the optimization and strengthening of existing social activity zones.


Location Kazan
Year 2015
Status Built