City of Quarters competition

A project for the City of Quarters competition of GK A101. The architects proposed a conceptual design called «The Game», in which they managed to create a unique spatial structure of the environment. The Game consists of seven steps:

step № 1 – the architects took the required number of houses of traditional form and typology

step № 2 — we «throw» them onto the plot intended for development

step №3 — “pushing apart” the buildings in accordance with Russian design and construction regulations

step № 4 — we put the residential part to the stylobate, and we place offices, commercial premises and parking area on the ground floor

step № 5 – ensuring of communication between levels using stairs and large openings through which trees can grow

step № 6 — personalization — providing a separate entrance to each apartment from the street

step № 7 — providing each apartment with a comfortable patio in the «body» of the house.

Thus, the residential area is urban in its technical characteristics, and suburban in terms of comfort. Thanks to the unusual architecture, the area will quickly acquire residents and become a symbol of urban real estate that attract investors and potential buyers.


Square 14.000 m²
Year 2010
Client Masshtab