Concept of the village of Zavidovo

The territory has access to the Volga River and is close to popular recreation areas, including the recreation complex «Zavidovo».

The architects worked out a manifesto, regulations and proposed the division into clusters with optimal size of areas after a thorough analysis of the territory. Each cluster has pedestrian access to water, landscaped boulevard and developed infrastructure. When divided into clusters, territorial «voids» are formed on the site, which are successfully «filled» with water around the perimeter, and in the center — a green promenade. Water extensions will allow residents to park water transport near their homes.

In organizing transport routes, the architects have provided for a perimeter bypass, making the center a priority for pedestrians and safe. Green Boulevard acts as a chord of the village and unites private and public areas into one coherent system. In addition, the boulevard has areas for recreation and leisure.

The architects proposed the structure of the settlement with different building density, optimal road system and low-rise construction.

Location Tver region
Square 11.7 ha
Year 2018
Status Concept