Agricultural complex

The agricultural tourist complex is a territory that combines several functions: permanent and temporary residence (owner, staff, and guests), agricultural production (for personal consumption and for sale), and tourism (educational, health improving), as well as recreation.

Before the project’s work commencement, research was carried out to identify best practices in the field of agritourism. The experience of similar projects has been studied. Therefore, the architects visited the Bogdarnya agricultural tourist complex in the Vladimir region and went on a business trip to the Netherlands, where they were acquainted with the structure and daily routine of foreign projects.

The main emphasis when working on the project was made on the functional zoning of the territory. The specificity of objects of this type is that visitors should interact as much as possible with the environment, including animals. But at the same time, it is necessary to limit access to production areas due to sanitary requirements, technological processes, as well as other factors. We have expanded the visitor’s interaction with the environment from the standard two-choice “full interaction — closed production zones” to a wider range — full interaction, partial interaction, individual access, closed production zones.

This became possible thanks to the technological study of the issue, the development of scenarios for people visiting the territory, taking into account the seasonality of functioning, identifying user portraits and the detailed design of key objects in the territory.


Location Moscow region
Square 50 ha
Year 2016
Status Concept