Orange Park shopping center

The interior design of the Orange Park shopping center is a renovation of an industrial building. The applied solutions are based on the principle of identifying industrial architecture elements and filling them with a new aesthetic meaning: prefabricated reinforced concrete structures, arched forms, and roof lights.

A unified style solution was applied for the design of leased blocks, with embedded planes for signboards placement, which made it possible to create a united glass plane of shop windows.

The compositional centers of the project are atrium spaces with iconic interior elements. The eight-meter jet fountain in one of the atriums, that we designed specially for this shopping center, has become a place of attraction for visitors and a remarkable art object.

Small architectural forms, landscaping elements and other original solutions developed within the framework of this project make the interior space look complete and well-rounded.

Location Moscow
Year 2014
Status Built
Client Stroitelnaya perspektiva