Showroom in Simonov Plaza business center

Thanks to successful solutions, the showroom has become the hallmark of the Simonov Plaza business center. The use of wide planes of transparent surfaces made it possible to emphasize the unique position of the office. The architects were able to visually “combine” the internal space of the office with the adjacent territory of the Moskva River embankment.

The use of open-type ceilings allowed not only to facilitate the servicing process of engineering systems during the office operation, but also “stretched” the room in height. Elements of engineering equipment have become full-fledged design elements.

To highlight the paths in the zone of corridors, lathed ceilings are provided. Soundproof panels are used in the office room and in the meeting room, creating a favorable working atmosphere. Textured materials are used for surface decoration: wood, clinker brick, metal, thick glass.

Location Moscow
Year 2014
Status Built