Design project of the premises for BWT BARRIER and BWT Russia

The activities of BWT BARRIER and BWT Russia are comprehensive solutions for the purification of drinking, process, boiler, cooling water, conditioning water and water for pharmaceutical purposes. The customer wanted a neat, bright, modern space in which up to 210 employees could work effectively.

Architects implemented an architectural replanning project and presented planning solutions according to the terms of reference.

The bureau proposed several options for lobbies, meeting rooms, offices, corridors, a common area, a training class, an open space, a coffee point, a VIP zone (head office, meeting room, lobby). In addition, replacements for floor coverings, ceilings, partitions, ventilation, doors and furniture were selected.

Architects took into account the zonal lighting for meeting rooms, offices and the open space. The classroom is separated from the working area, the walls of the meeting rooms are equipped with sound-absorbing panels so that the work of one department does not interfere with the other.

The result is a functional, calm, comfortable, organic space in which all the interior elements are connected to each other to organize the most comfortable workflow.

Location Moscow
Square 2700 m²
Year 2016
Status Built
Client Barrier