Design of the metro station Stromynka

In 2017 the bureau won a competition to develop the architectural appearance of Stromynka metro station. It will have exits to the main entrance of Sokolniki Park, to Stromynka street, there will be a transfer to Sokolniki station of the Sokolniki line.

The task of the bureau was to create a semantic unity between the landmark elements of the territory, such as Sokolniki Park, a unique historical building referring to the industrial past of the district and the idea of ​​the metro as a portal between different urban areas.

As a concept, the image of the “technogenic” forest was chosen as a connecting link between the Losiny Ostrov natural formation with its transformed part — Sokolniki Park, and the urbanized city center, the quintessence of which is an ultra-technological transport facility, in this case, the Moscow Metro station.

As part of the conceptual design it was proposed to implement the following:

  • delicate transformation of the pedestrian boulevard to increase the convenience of pedestrians and visual appeal for those who visit the district for the first time
  • development of above-ground pavilions that will become symbolic “portals” for passengers to transfer from the natural, park zone to the high-speed, technological environment of the metro
  • lighting technology in the pavilion of the station, on the station itself, creating the effect of «bright sunny day and light that passes through the foliage» — such association with the natural environment contributes to a comfortable ride for passengers.

Technological solutions combined the principles of the psychological and physical well-being of people: uniform lighting, noise absorption, convenient and intuitive navigation, emotional connection with the place, safety and anti-vandal properties of station structures and elements.

The design concept of the new Stromynka metro station of our MAParchitects team was appreciated by a professional jury team at its true value.

To see this particular project implemented, it would be really interesting, as it seems to me, not only to the residents of the Sokolniki district, but to all Muscovites,” — described the project Sergey Kuznetsov, Chief Architect of Moscow.