Design project of Svyaznoy company office

The project is a clear demonstration of a rational approach to office interior design for a large company. The office is located on the third floor of the Simonov Plaza Business Center.

All design project decisions were logical in terms of quality, functionality, aesthetics and financial feasibility, which allowed us to quickly put the conceptual design into practice.

The office is an open space with a clear separation of open work areas and isolated rooms (meeting rooms, office rooms) for business meetings, social activity and secluded work. The project is based on the possibility of flexible «reorganization» of space for changing operating conditions and work processes with minimal effort. The general style of the interior uses the best loft style traditions with the addition of non-standard features of this style: brick walls, open ceilings, metal structures, textured finishing materials, the exposed skeleton of the building, vintage lamps and an abundance of wooden details.

Location Moscow
Square 11000 m²
Year 2015
Status Built
Client Svyaznoy